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Else Kooi Laboratory
Access Procedures

For access to our laboratories follow this procedure:

1. Discuss with EKL what you like to do, so EKL can determine the costs and the education that is needed.
Contact Casper Juffermans (director), or for detailed discussions: Gregory Pandraud (Manager Processing) or Silvana Milosavljevic (Manager Education). Alternatively, you can contact any process engineer for information.
Once a training/process plan is established, the following steps should be followed.

2. Get a TU Delft campus card
Our access control system is coupled to the TU Delft campuscard.
If you do not have a campuscard you need to apply for one at the secretary of your section (if you have an TU Delft affiliation) or at the EKL secretary: Bianca Knot (if you do not have an TU Delft affiliation).
For short time users, where the work is shorter than the application time for a campus card, you can get a special card at the EKL secretary.
Especially for non-EU inhabitants this procedure can take a long time (months).

3. Get a Baan code or Project code.
EKL needs a baancode or project code. For non TU Delft affiliated users a projectcode is assigned by EKL after receipt of a signed order. Request a quotation at our financial department: Paul de Wit or Vincent van Croonenburg.
For TU affiliated users ask for a Baan code at the financial responsible person of your department.

4. Apply for the Safety and Introduction training here.
Further information and instructions wil be send to you by the course instructors.
Safety Course Schedule
July 5
August 9
September 6
October 11
November 8
December 6

5. Register yourself in the EKL database here
After you pressed save in the registration form a pdf form is generated. Print this out and have it signed.

6. Access to the labs will be granted after the previous steps are followed. Access is given by the EKL secretary: Bianca Knot

EKL Access Policy (pdf)

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