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Else Kooi Laboratory

Focus on Safety
Safety measures are absolutely essential in the Else Kooi Laboratories, since toxic, flammable and even explosive process gases and chemicals are being used. Moreover, the processing is aided with high voltages and frequencies, as well as ion- and laser beams. For that reason safety care is firmly embedded in the EKL organisation. Detailed Safety Info here

Safety training
All people that start working in the laboratories first need to take a safety training, whether they are professor, postdoc, student, operator or cleaner,. This 2 day training comprises a theoretical and a practical part.
To apply for this course, contact Johannes van Wingerden. More info

A set of safety and behaviour rules has been formulated.
It is handed to all clean room workers and forms the base guide for clean and safe work.

Experienced operators
The back bone for safety is a team of experienced operators, supported by an alert and devoted facility group.
About half of them is member of the Emergency Response Team.
They can tackle calamities ranging from personal injuries and contaminations, to putting out a fire and rescuing people. Together with the fire department of Delft, trainings are organised at least 8 times per year with regular intervals.

Emergency buttons
Finally there is the aid of emergency circuits and buttons. A dense array of fire, smoke, gas and water detection is installed, along with manual alarm devices. Any alarm is immediately communicated to a telephony centre, that pages the alarm to the beepers of the Emergency Response Team. and, if needed, to the fire department of Delft.

Safety management
The final responsibility for safety lies with the EKL Director. About safety issues, he is advised by the Safety Committee that consists of process technologists with different expertises, the commander of the Emergency Response Team and Occupational Health Service officer. Together they have a helicopter view on the Else Kooi Laboratories. A meeting of this safety committee is organised every 6 weeks.

Safety and Behaviour Rules Booklet   Safety Rules for One Day Visitors
Emergency Response Team EKL   Safety Commitee
Jan Warmerdam- First Commander (BV,FF, FA) Robert Verhoeven (FF) Martijn Tijssen (Chair and Solar Cell Group)
Koos van Hartingsveldt (BV,,FA) Bianca Knot(FA) Casper Juffermans (Director EKL)
Joeri Meijer (FF) Mario Laros (FA) Jan Warmerdam (Head Facility group)
Martijn Tijssen (FF) Joost Berendse (BV,FF) Joeri Meijer(Mapper)
Maarten Wittenveen FF) Henk van Zeijl (FA) Tom de Weger (Occupational Health Service officer)
Vinod Narain (FA) Loek Steenweg (FA) Silvana Milosavljevic (Safety)
Some have a basic Firefighter(FF) training others only First Aid training (FA) and some are commander (BV)
Radiological Health and Laser Safety Officer  
This person is responsible for the testing of high voltage and plasma sources on radiation: Koos van Hartingsveldt