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Formerly known as Dimes Technology Centre

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Casper Juffermans appointed Director Else Kooi Laboratory
As of the 1st of June 2015, Casper Juffermans is appointed as Director of the Else Kooi Laboratory (former DIMES Technology Center).
Casper Juffermans succeeds Carel van der Poel, who is Director of the Dimes Technology Center (now EKL) since 2013.
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New name for revitalised Dimes Technology Centre: ‘Else Kooi Lab’
Starting in April, the Dimes Technology Centre, TU Delft's micro-manufacturing lab, will have a new name: Else Kooi Lab. The new organisation will focus on facilitating innovative scientific research, such as the development of organ-on-chip technology and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS). The Else Kooi Lab also aims to forge new links with the business community in order to make a major contribution to industrial innovation.
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About EKL

The Else Kooi Laboratory and its staff aim to provide micro fabrication capabilities that:
a) facilitate excellence in (sub)micro-fabrication oriented Research& Science

b) enable our customers to test out concepts that may lead to business successes, up to and including small scale production

c) build a bridge between Academics and Industrial Innovation 


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May 27: Andrea Ingenito
Design and implementation of advanced light management techniques for absorption enhancement in c-Si solar cells

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