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Today: 2017-02-24
Week number: 08

Cleanroom News
update: 20 november 2016

Next maintenance week
week 43: 21-30 October, 2016

All Cleanroom closure due to Rewiring of powercables in the whole EKL building

November 3 7:00-12:00hrs
November 10 7:00-12:00 hrs
November 17 7:00-12:00 hrs

Office and All Cleanroom closure (shutdown your pc):

November 25 13:00 hr till November 28

Processing News
update: 14 January 2016

Do not process without a run number (obtain one with Gregory)

New Silicon Wafer Forms
You need to give your id number to get wafers

Always label your wafer boxes
(labels are in the lab)

Always have your flowchart with you in the lab, so we can help you.

Novellus: Do not forget to switch on the TEOS gases!!

update: november 20,2016

User meeting data
Next Meeting
Thursday November 17

Future Meetings
November 17
December 15

See past Clean Room News and Presentations here (you need to be logged in)

Send your photo's for the photocontest here

Equipment News
update: 1 July 2015

New Manual Polos Spinner
Installed! Ask Litho Team for instructions

Use of the measurement room
Contact: Lukasz Pakula

Sigma sputter coater:
There is a carrier for single chips



Ethics and Discipline
update: 17 June 2015

Clean up after you are done.
Especially after using the spinners in the MEMSlab

Never pour solvents down the drain!
1. It can dissolve the drain
2. It could be dangerous if someone before or after you pours other chemicals down the drain: explosions!
3. All of the diluted acids that are poured down the drain are collected in a big neutralisation tank. If solvent comes in there, this can damage the pH sensors, which are very expensive.

In case of chemical contamination
If you need immediate help: press the yellow button! (It's there especially for this purpose!)
Otherwise your first contact is the facility people. See the safety note in the lab near the wet benches


update: 19 May, 2016

Safety Course Schedule

May 12
June 9
July 14
August 4
September 1
October 6
November 3
December 8

enroll here.

Process/Module training
(first do the Safety Course)
on demand, enroll here

Do the Safety Quiz here